We offer quality products in a varied menu, developed by a nutritionist.

Companies Meals

Ensuring worker health means ensuring your company's day-to-day activities quality and productivity.

In addition, during kitchen preparation, our employees are trained to meet all health, environment and safety (HSE) determinations standards, which results in quality service.

- Restaurant management in service companies and industries

- Restaurant management on construction sites

Hospital Gastronomy

Our hospital gastronomy focuses on preparing healthy and nutritious food for people who are debilitated in a hospital environment, with all the care and special concern, ensuring a good and quick recovery.

Our nutritionists team is always ready and able to create any kind of diet according to the patient's condition dietary restrictions, always respecting the personal taste of each one.

For employees and escorts, MH SERVIÇOS also prepares SPECIAL menus that include tasty and nutritious meals.

- Menu developed by nutritionists

- Food safety and specific diets processes management

- Hse, nutrition and healthy food programs

Land and Sea Hospitality

MH is the right partner to offer all the security and comfort necessary for hospitality.

We have experienced professionals for operations in maritime unit transfers abroad.

Professionals qualification combined with business knowledge is essential for your enterprise success.

- Cleaning

- Accommodation

- Laundry

- Leisure

- 24 hour food

- Coffee services